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Psychic Glands: August 31, 2017

Toby Hay - The Fly Fisherman and the Trout
Alex Archibald - El-arairah
Shirley Collins - The Banks of Green Willow
Offa Rex - The Old Churchyard
Mattia Coletti - Red Eye
James Elkington - Any Afternoon
Rob Noyes - Further Off
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Amparo
Fairport Convention - Sun Shade
NIck Drake - Bryter Layter
Michael Rother - Stromlinien
Cloudland Canyon - Psychic Insistent
Squadra Omega - Mondo-Brana
Do Make Say Think - Murder of Thoughts
Bob Downes - Integration / Contact
Stephan Micus - For Shirin and Koshru
Vito Ricci - Riverflow (Electronic)
Galactic Explorers - Ethereal Jazz
Rapoon - Give Me The Answers
Justin Walter - 1001