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Psychic Glands: August 3, 2017

Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignon - Sp 1.3
Chris Abrahams - Clung Eloquent
Steven Halpern - Starborn Suite
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society - St. Cloud
Pausal - Soar
Konrad Sprenger - Largo
Ekin Fil - Used to Be
Ulaan Passerine - The Folding Book
Daniel Bachman - Brightleaf Blues
Robbie Basho - Rodeo
House and Land - False True Lover
Samuel Gray Edmondson - Muirne
Joan Shelley - Where I'll Find You
Crescent - Starlings
Dick Gaughan - The 51st (Highland) Division's Farewell to Sicily
Golden Retriever - Thread of Light
Botany - No Heed