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Psychic Glands: 9 September, 2021

Robbie Basho - A Day in the Life of Lemuria (Alternate Take)
Robbie Basho - Eagle Sails The Blue Diamond Waters
Robbie Basho - Nice Enough for Love
Robbie Basho - Pavan India (Pavan Hindusan)
Robbie Basho - Mehera
Botany - A-Word / Dim
Brian McBride - Beekeepers Vs. Warfare Chemicals
Library Tapes - A Summer by the Sea
Hania Rani - In Between
Chilly Gonzales - Nero's Nocturne
Nimbudala - Ocean Tribute / Dewdrop
TJO - Heavy Tremolo
Andrew Wasylyk - Blossomlessness #2
Richard Youngs - Motion Lying Low
Arboria - Devotion
Mark Fry/The A. Lords - Behold The Nereids Under The Green Sea
Gerycz/Powers/Rolin - Rotations
Tassos Chalkias - Dirminitsa (The Bride’s Dance)
Shyamal Sinha - Raga Piloo
Goat - Friday, Pt. 1
Marisa Anderson & William Tyler - Life and Casualty
yadayn - Ergens
Laura Cannell - Having Been Breathed Out.