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Psychic Glands: 5 August, 2021

Nathan McLaughlin - Williamsport
yes/and - In My Heavens All Faucets Are Fountains
Shirley Collins - At Break of Day
Matt Evans - Arcto 2
Blank Gloss - Of a Vessel
Daniel Bachman - Blues in the Anthropocene
Cameron Knowler - Lone Prairie
Steven R. Smith - Nesting
Rosali - Modern-day Lizards
Karen Black - It All Turned Out The Way I Planned It
Nailah Hunter - Quiet Light
Shirley Collins - My Sailor Boy
Yasmin Williams - I Wonder
Clara Engel - Heart of Rags
Vanessa Amara - Pipe Organ
Corntuth - D-005
Wet Tuna - Water Train
Jeff Parker - After the Rain
Bang on a Can - 2-2