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Psychic Glands: 5 April, 2018

Bing and Ruth - go on.
Park Jiha - Sounds Heard from the Moon
Marc Barreca - Currents
Valiska - Softness
Entourage - Euphoric Bells (Alternate Take)
Between - Happy Stage
Bear Bones, Lay Low - improvisation using synth, tapes and percussion [live]
Ruven Nunez - Serenity of Solitude
Cath & Phil Tyler - King Henry
Fred Gerlach - Eyrie
Johanna Warren - Hopelessness Has Done Nothing for Me
Visionary Hours - Vermillion Through the Hills
TALsounds - Hair
Rafael Anton Irisarri - Vasastan
Virginia Astley - It's Too Hot to Sleep
The Big Eyes Family Players - Across the Waves