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Psychic Glands: 3rd March 2022

Ben McElroy - Wolves Dance
Damiana - Under an Aster
Raum - Revolving Door
Nick Jonah Davis - Arborlow Farewells
Dr. Joy - Weeping Facade
Andrew Tuttle - Correlation (feat. Chuck Johnson, Josh Kimbrough)
Joe Harvey-Whyte - Flatland
Corey Fuller & Richard Skelton - Iland
Golden Brown - Valhalliburton
Rachika Nayar - A Burning Plain
Midwife - Christina's World
Devin Hoff - Living By The Water (feat. Shannon Lay)
Cinder Well & Jim Ghedi - Pulling Bracken
Chris Schlarb & Chad Taylor - Mother with Child
Myriam Gendron - Poor Girl Blues
Daniel Bachman - 'Til We Meet Again
Grace Cummings - This Day in May
Allysen Callery - Tarot Card
Shadow Band - Moonshine
Lynn Avery & Cole Pulice - Stained Glass Sauna