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Psychic Glands: 29 October, 2020

Tukico - X&Y
CV & JAB - Pungent Lake
Mary Lattimore - Pine Trees
numun - voyage au soleil
G.S. Sultan - melody for sleepdog
Max Ananyev - Landscape with Burning House
Tambourinen - The People
Jennifer Castle - Theory Rest
Joseph Allred - Waltz For Mouse
Elkhorn - Neowise
Stara Rzeka - Mitylena
Rayons - Playground for Birds
Steve Mendenhall & Nancy Thrasher - And Life Goes On
Big Blood - Insecure Kids
John Lee Shannon - Frisco
Yo La Tengo - Roll On Babe
Tir Na Nog - Dance of Years
Sam Amidon - Pretty Polly
David Ian Roberts - Distant Planets
Shida Shahabi - Futō
Matthew 'Doc' Dunn - Simple One
The Weather Station - Floodplain
Nathan Salsburg - Mrs. Gristle's Reel
Jeffrey Silverstein - Door at the Top of Your Head
Baden Powell - Invenção Em 7 ½
Third Ear Band - Mistress to the Sun
Loke Rahbek, Frederik Valentin - The Heart of Things