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Psychic Glands: 23rd March 2023

Natalia Beylis and Eimear Reidy - Pour Upon The Sky
Brooklyn Rider - Um Dia Bom - II. Mentre la Pioggia
Andrew Wasylyk - Dusk Above Delphinium Dew
Dura - Loom
Steve Gunn & David Moore - Painterly
Joe Westerlund - Prelude to Quietude
Wet Tuna - Raw Food
Scree - Fresh Bread
Joseph Allred - Leaves Dancing in Air
Stella Kola - Heart in the Rain
Tiny Ruins - Dorothy Bay
Lia Kohl - sit on the floor and wait for storms
Skyminds - Downriver
Shana Cleveland - Faces in the Firelight
Brigid Mae Power - Dream from the Deep Well
P.G. Six - Go Your Way (Live at Dwars Festival)