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Psychic Glands: 22 October, 2020

G. Steenkiste - 16"
Tapes and Topographies - A Pulse of Durations
Ariel Kalma - Rainbow Dreamwalker Intent
Bing & Ruth - Nearer
The Humble Bee & Benoit Pioulard - Grey Confetti
Jon Collin & Demdike Stare - Sketches of Everything Part 2
J.H. Guraj - Closer
North Americans - Furniture in the Valley
Nick Jonah Davis - Ramsons
Laura Cannell - A Space for Dreaming
This Valley of Old Mountains - Heid
David Ian Roberts - Levitate
Sylvie Simmons - The Man Who Painted the Sea Blue
Robbie Basho - Eagle Sails The Blue Diamond Waters
Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp - Alternator
Tambourinen - Wooden Flower
Puerta del Sol - Lagos Gemelos