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Psychic Glands: 21 October 2021

Scott Hirsch - Drummer of Shilo
Laura Cannell, Kate Ellis & Chris Watson - Within the Forest Darkness
Princess Diana of Wales - Still Beach
Nelson Patton - Entering the Clear
Dr. Joy - River Story
Maurice Louca - Higamah (Hirudinea)
Leo Kottke - World Made to Order
David Crosby - Coast Road (demo)
Nils ├śkland - Blankt vatn
Amelia Cuni - Raag Bageshri - Alaap & Chautal
Meril Wubslin - Sais-tu
Myriam Gendron - Poor Girl Blues
Ignatz & De Stervende Honden - Height of Noon
Nick Jonah Davis - Xochi
Marisa Anderson & William Tyler - News About Heaven
Le Ren - I Already Love You
Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno - Always Returning