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Psychic Glands: 19 September, 2019

Raymond Scott - 'This is a sound' - Alka-Seltzer Effects #7 / Dorothea / Ohio Bell Mystery
Tower Recordings - Market God and Her Children / 18 Spaceball Mtrwys
Marc Barreca - In Far Cathay
Fernando Falcao - Amanhecar Tabajara
Sirom - Same as the One She Hardly Remembered
Sandro Perri - Floriana
Pan American - Nightbirds
Matt LaJoie - Full Service Station
Black Brunswicker - Quiet Boy
Birds of Passage - On Our Hands
Bill Callahan - Tugboats and Tumbleweeds
Dick Gaughan - Willie O' Winsbury
Shannon Lay - The Dream
Brad Barr - Sarah Through The Wall
Joan Shelley - The Fading
Ben Walker, Bella Hardy - The Island
Alco - Linda
Matthew 'Doc' Dunn - High Ground