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Psychic Glands: 17th February 2022

Jessica Pavone - I. Indolent [excerpt]
Devin Sarno & Patrick Shiroishi - Sound Study Two
ATOP - An Invisible Presence
ben bondy - Pool
Rob Burger - A Robin Egg
Nils Økland - Glør
Širom - Grazes, Wrinkles, Drifts into Sleep
Mike Nigro & Andrew Osterhoudt - In Between
Mark Tester - Land on Sea
Ilyas Ahmed - This Dust
Brad Barr - Ancient Calendars
Antony Milton - Speleo Documentary
Refree - Telecaster 01032017b
Landon Caldwell - Lathe of Heaven
Kendraplex - Side B [Two Rivers]
Sea Oleena - Carrying
Squirrel Flower - To Be Forgotten