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Psychic Glands: 17 October, 2019

Daisies Net - Sounds Rivulet
Sebastian Field - Time May Wake Us All
The Ivytree - Hours Are Counted Most
Clarice Jensen - The Organ That Made You Bleed
Alaskan Tapes - Pretend
Seahawks - Emergence
Shivkumar Sharma - Dhun in Pahadi
Brahja - In the Mess
Peter Zummo - Prepare for Docking
Michael Vincent Waller - For Papa
Stein Urheim - Brazilian Breeze
Joost Dijkema - Oak Log Perfume
Vieo Abiungo - What the Rain Restores
Beautify Junkyards - Sybil's Dream
Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard - The First Whippoorwill
Shannon Lay - Shuffling Stoned
Penguin Cafe - Pythagoras on the Line Again
Julia Reidy - Adulare