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Blondie - Heart Of Glass

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Psychic Glands: 15th September 2022

Almanacs - The Apiary
DAVi MUSiC - All Of A Sudden The Ocean
Natalie Beridze - Door Part I
Turn On The Sunlight - Our Growing Family (feat. Joao)
Francesca Heart - Stella Rugiada
Anadol - 78 Yılının En Uzun Dakikası
Ben Seretan - head in the water, child / in colors just a little too vibrant to be naturally occurring / bench full of yellowing hymns
Maxine Funke - South Dunedin
Cole Pulice - City in a City
Kim Myhr - I Wonder If I Shall Fall Right Through The Earth
Gabriel Hassan - Absaroka Raga
Bile Bear - Alma H.
Cyrus Pireh - Still Here, Still Ripping
Eli Winter - Unbecoming
One Million Eye - Ruby River
David Brown - a truck radio plays vaya con dios in the distance as the sun rises, right on cue