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Psychic Glands: 11 October, 2018

Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends - Ground
Ka Baird - Clearing
Stephan Micus - The Spring
Nathan Bowles - Umbra
The Beatles - Within You Without You
Gwenifer Raymond - Requiem for John Fahey
Soft Machine - The Man Who Waved At Trains
Fikret Kizilok - Soyle Sazyim
Josephine Foster - This Is Where the Dreams Head, Maude
Jennifer Castle - Crying Shame
Nathan Bowles - The Road Reversed
The Roger Webb Sound - Moon Bird
Maki Asakawa - Konna Fu Ni Sugite Iku No Nara
Giannis Spanos - Monaxia
Children of Alice - The Liminal Space
Magnetophonique - Moist Jungle Mist II
Mark Isham, Art Lande - The Melancholy of Departure
Traden - OTO
Matt Valentine - Jeremiah Red
Ben Kunin - Meditation of the Heart
Arp - Love Theme (Epilogue)
Olden Yolk - After Us