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Paolo Xz - Soft Power

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Power'd Up Radio with Smashton & Big J w/ Max Ludlow - 22/10/22

Powered Up - Cobra Man 

Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis 

Infinity - Skeggs 

Maude St - Melanie

Pour Whiskey On Grave - Headlock Grave 

The Falcon Has Landed - Fu Manchu 

Model Village - IDLES 

Take Control - Head Lock Grave

Motor Runnin - Pist Idiots 

I'm Not Getting Excited - The Beths 

California Here We Come - The Garden 

Dick Move - Dick Move

Red Right Hand - Arctic Monkeys

Puffin Down The Dart - Professor Caveman 

Right - B-Lush

DIY - Sports Dream 

Peach Fuzz (Open Till LB Remix) - Anna Lunoe ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dnosaurs 

Everythings Perpetual - Synthetic Children  

The Rockafeller Skank - Fatboy Slim 

Sippy Cup - Horsey 

Tokai - Taeko Onuki 

Till The End (AROHA remix) - POOLCLVB & Woodes

Can't Fake It - JessB