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Power'd Up Radio with Smashton & Big J ft Dublin Dan - 11/07/22 - Setlist

Powered Up - Cobra Man 

Real Games - Lucky Day

The Funk You See in the Funk You Do - John Tropea 

Cool, Nice - Cobra Man 

Don't Press Me - Dry Cleaning 

Invisible - MonoNeon

Voodoo Lady - Dalvanius 

LONERS ANTHEM - Who Shot Scott 

Man Don't Care - JME, Giggs

Dream Days - Flaxxies 

Played Like a Piano - King Tee, Ice Cube 

When I Was a Boy - Jeff Lynne

Only I - Motte 

Overnight - Parcels 

Hole in the Wall - Moses Gunn Collective 

crying over spilled milk - annika 

Bedlam Bridge - Midnight Oil 

Everyday Struggle - Dera Meelan & DeadForest

Stayin in the Black - BeeGees/DC 

Baby Bye Bye - Mac DeMarco