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Power'd Up Radio ft. Late to Chelsea - Setlist - 9th May, /2022

Powered Up - Cobra Man

Acid Dent - Psychedelic Porn Crumpets 

Rose Pink Cadillac - DOPE LEMON 

Check Yourself - Ice Cube 


Y'all Boots Hat's - Glocca Morra 

Maude St. - Melanie

Cold Hearted - Jacuzzi 

Freeze Tag - Terence Martin

Scavenge - Whelm 

Oversized - Basement 

I Need You Tonight - Punkin Machine 

Recollections - Night Moves 

Rasputin - Boney M

Ticket to Ride - KAWALA

Hovering at Home - Ben Woods 

Searching in the Sun (80's Dance Remix) - Arahi 

Away - Broadcast

Redux (Van Staden and Bohm Remix) - deepState

Dream of Me - Wiri Donna

Phonotropic - Kyuss

Dad Vibes - Limp Bizkit

Puffin Down The Dart - Professor Caveman 

Bones - Wax Mustang 

Breaking News - The Bronx 

Baby Bye Bye- Mac DeMarco