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Power'd Up Radio ft. Extra Special Joe - 17/05/22

Powered Up - Cobra Man 

New Psyche - Leaping Tiger

Puffin Down A Dart - Professor Caveman 

Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn and John 

Rose Pink Cadillac - DOPE LEMON 

Bizarre - Fools Lagoon 

Hell N Back  - Bakar 

Check Yourself - Ice Cube

In Spirit - Popstrangers 

VI - Riki Pirihi & Alistair Fraser 

Hell - ClownCore 

Bones - Wax Mustang 

Phantom of the Opera - Jonathan Young 

Extremes - Saada Bonaire 

Brown Town Song - Jarrad Wright ft. Lez & The Sasquatches 

Ticket to Ride- KEWALA 

Better to be - Sun Room 

Think About Things - Dadi Freyr

Dog Head - Grecco Romank 

Lungs - Stella Donnelly 

US - DalyanRD & Mapili

Then Again - Bad Hagrid 

Welcome to Hell - black midi 

Chinese - Willbatross ft Big John 

Baby Bye Bye - Mac DeMarco