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Weta - Got The Ju

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Pony Ping Pong w/ North Shore Pony Club & Friends: June 1, 2018

Disco Stracey doesn't advertise.

Eurythmics - right by your side
costa & chyps - detroit city cats
the russel brothers - the party scene
samoa park - tubular bells (remix)
Tornado Wallace - desparate pleasures
EMF - unbelieveable (remix)
boytronic - bryllyant
fortr romeau - test pressing
FGTH - shooting stars (bootleg remix)
Daniele Baldelli - kosmaro
machete savanne - manticore
Depeche Mode - everything counts
furor exotica - run them (al dente remix)
mirror people - kool dj dust
Dust - dark pleasure
headman - adolescent s3x (andy blake dub)
sneaky so and so - secret fav trax
Jago - im going to go
julian sanza - dangerous grooves
Severed Heads - big car (crash dub)
Lauer - tyler
tuff city kids - labyrinth (morgan geist remix)
New Order - the beach
jee day - sum of love (lauer remix)
dan avery - primal scream remix
john daly - move
Lama - love on the rocks