Sunday 1am - 3am

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Ghost Woman - Along Pt.2

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Pony Ping Pong w/ North Shore Pony Club & Friends: July 28, 2018

Disco Stracey on the line, here to take all yr calls.

Dolly Parton - potential new boyfriend
Shadow - lets make it up
Konk - you life (dub)
kenny dope gonzalez - the magnificent
Roisin Murphy - house of glass (maurice fulton remix)
CHAIM - the perfect circle
coko karina remix - misaluba
Modern Romance - everybodys salsa
Brian Ferry - dont stop the dance
Konk - love attack
waffle - poland waffle
liz torres - cant vget enough (dub)
Black Light Smoke - firefly
jex - good timing
massimiliano pagliara - unknown
felix dickinson - burning flame
paolo rossi - italo beast
bezier - hny-007 A1
billy bogus - bass
francisco & cosmo - juno beat
lauer - tamzarian
dj kaos - horny morning loop
massamiliano pagliara - magic serials
Unknown - green dot
candy j - somethings they never change