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Pony Ping Pong w/ North Shore Pony Club: February 16, 2018

Frizzante feeling flat? Falling apart during aperitivi? Yr boys have _just_ the thing.

Diana - perpetual summer (four tet remix)
DJ Koze - nein konig nein
guillaume - shining your way
guillaume des bois - you've got to check out
Agape - rejoice
waffle - poland waffle
wild geese - macho disco master
paul johnson - i like to get down
bumblebee unlimited - lady bug
Tony Allen - hustler (madrey remix)
boz scarggs - blue eyed boz (greg wilson mix)
dj harvey - no way back
mad rey - impuissance
Daft Punk - indo silver club
Daft Punk - revolution 909
I:Cube - disco cubism (daft punk remix)
hextatic - timber
Mason - papapapapa
sharam jay - hum hum (tapesh remix)
Michael Jackson - thriller (homero mix)
camelphat - drop it
sounds of life - feel good (bob sinclair mix)
green velvet - la la land (projk fitch sweet sixteen remix)