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Plato's Retreat 9 September 2023

Dead Can Dance - East of Eden
Laurie Anderson - Kokoku
Startled Insects - Fastest Claw
deepState - Now That You're Gone
Helado Negro - Las Pergantus
Lloyd Cole - Downtown
D.C. Maxwell - Out Stealing Horses
Orville Peck - Daytona Sand
Mermaidens - I like to be alone
Decadance - On and On (Fears Keep On)
Denis Mpunga and Paul K. - KWE!! (Prins Emanual Remix)
Code Industry - Behind the Mirror (Image Mix)
Jujulipps - Airplane Mode
The Fall - Eat Ya'self Fitter
Gang of Four - Paralysed
Hunters and Collectors - Watcher
Killing Joke - Requiem
Automatic - Venus Hour
le tigre - Decepticon
Karl Steven - The Message [Grecco Romank Remix]
Frontline Assembly - No Limit
Yello - The Roxy Cut
Hybrid Rose - Hugs N Kisses
Hoturu - Videosex
DUSTY & GHOS - 96' BULLS Feat. Brandn Shiraz, MELODOWNZ
Mirror Tree - 300 Miles
Clementine Valentine - The Rope
Melody Fields - Hallelujah