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christoph el' truento - wednesday afternoon cooking special

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Plato's Retreat 9 August 2021

Plato's Retreat is back for another week 

It's just Sam & Rob in the studio 
but the vibes is high and all over the place ! 

Fest your ears! 

Pasteur Lappe - Na Seke For Ye
Hugo Molenaar - Children Children
Burnier E Cartier - Mirandolinha
Toquinho - The Girl From Ipenema
Clara Nunes - Sabia
Los Distecos - Para Pedros
Anthonie Tonnon - Peacetime Orders
Reb Fountain - Lacuna
Luke Buda - Here Comes The Wind
Spirea X - Chlorine Dream
Transistor - Nothing New
Itch-E & Scratch-E - Sweetness & Light
Kenny Knots - Watch The People Dancing
Robotics - Treasure Isle Style
Ruddy Thomas - Perhaps
Sandie Shaw - Moontalk
The Pool - Jamaican Resting
Moor Mother - Shekere feat. Lojii
John Carroll Kirby - Swallow Tail
Troupe Ecole Tudu - Oyiwa
The Durutti Column - English Landscape Tradition
Phoebe Rings - Spissky
Fat Freddy's Drop - Shady
Nice & Wild - Diamond Girl
Interboro Rhythm Team - Watch The Closing Doors
Data Animal - BAD M.F.
T. G. Shand - Lemony
Kelli Hand & Jacob Korn - Dance Away
Luca Lozano - Cage Dance
Microworld - Your Techno Toy
paul johnson - Time Is Love
Jean-Francois Maurice - Top Model
Vera Ellen - I Want 2 B Boy