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Plato's Retreat 20 June 2020

Taeko Ohnuki - Carnaval
THE BEATNIKS - Inevitable
Lives Of Angels - Imperial Motors
Pink Military - Wild West
Sulfate - Slush
King Sweeties - Lydia
Kissing the Pink - Water in my Eye (Instrumental)
The Sylvers - In One Love And Out The Other (Instrumental)
Die Zwei - Grapsch (CommunistParty Mix)
John Maus - that night
Shiraz & LSJ - Lean & Rock
Roger Knox - Whole Weird World
Jeff and Jane Hudson - Girl from Ipanema
Peter Zummo - My Tape Is Chill
TootArd - Pretty Woman
Kate NV - Plans
Fabulous Freddie Starr - Vanity, I Want To Be Your Bodyguard
KillerWhale - Down For A G
PAINT - Ta Fardah
Bharat Karki & Party - A Trip To Kahmandu
Ifriqiyaa Electrique - Danee Danee
Fable - Beware (feat. deadforest)
Momma - Stringers
The Wake - O Pamela
You Got a Lot of Living to Do - Mr. Wigg and Co
Keith Mansfield - Funky Fanfare
Clear Path Ensemble - Jerry's Funk
52nd Street - Cool As Ice
Malanthi & The Mahotella Queens - I Wanna Dance