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Plato's Retreat 18 June 2022

Seccession - Fire Island (Extended Mix)
Yello - Lost Again
Hassan Ideddir - Atfalouna (Instrumental)
Johnny 5 - Deja Vu
Ozadya, Pekodjinn, DJ Lycox - Fly Mode
Moonshine, PEDRO - Faz Assim
Nubiyan Twist, Nubiya Brandon - Permission
Wiri Donna - Being Alone
P.H.F. - HELLO MY DESTROYER feat. 99jakes & forcefeeded
Asian Dub Foundation - Coming Over Hear
Moritz von Oswald Trio & Heinrich Köbberling - Chapter 2 feat. Laurel Halo [Peverelist Remix]
Care - An Evening In The Ray
Xymox - Blind Hearts
Simple Minds - Today I Died Again
Hamid Al Shaeri - Ayonha
Douaa - Haditouni
Ahmed Ben Ali - Dameek Majeb
Anatolian Weapons - Chaire Eos
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Cairo Cairo (feat Natacha Atlas)
annika - crying over spilled milk
Laurie Anderson - O Superman (Mandy Remix)
Ziggy - Amphobia
Soft Bait - Big
Jazmine Mary - Love Me Tender [Elvis Presley Cover]
Mazbou Q - Go and Be Free