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Morning Glory with Keria: Thursday May 24, 2018

Roy Irwin - Jesus On Fire
The Clean - Tally Ho!
BARB - Counting Sheep
Bloodbags - Swollen Hands
A.C. Freazy - Only One
Vera Ellen - Sadness Takes The Gold
job - Beaches
The Front Lawn - How You Doing
Surly - Wait til the Stick Comes
The D4 - Exit To The City (live to air)
Disasteradio - Hotline
Smokestack Slim - Douglas Street
DOG Power - Not Human
Alec - Bottled for the Night
Ralph - Suzy Gaybo
Dead Little Penny - Honeycomb
damblo - Deeper (prod. euroflex)
Buuda - Beef (feat. Zubbi)
Motocade - Bomb Squad
Moon Lander - Pseudoephedrine
Shitripper - Four Walls
P.H.F. - D.I.S.E.A.S.E
Emily Edrosa - Behind Yr Back
Ladi6 - Royal Blue [Silent Jay, Sensible J and Leigh Fisher Remix]