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The Strokes - Hard To Explain

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Morning Glory w/ Mitch: December 3 2019

Latin Parang - Colleen Grant

Parev A'Jere - Nu Guinea

Sid Redad - Fadoul

Yellow Story - Kiki Hitomi 

Meditjin - Baker Boy, JessB

Vex - Nazamba 

Zodiac Shit - Flying Lotus

K'aisita - Azmari

Blood of the Fang - Clipping

The Heat - Contenders

Tahabort - Imarhan

Irma - Gnoomes

Deceptacon - Le Tigre

Looking at Girls - Dead Famous People

Killyjoy - Anna Meredith

Komya Hondo - Boncana Maiga

We Like to Party - Jazmine Mary

A Little Ditty - Sleaford Mods

I Like It - Sammie and JT Money

Spread - Outkast

Black Coco - Painel De Controle

Baina (Cosme Martin & Christian Vila Remix) - Barbatuques