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AWE - Pupu ake te tā (Effervescence)

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Graveyard with Morgana November 20, 2017

Los Reyesz Bong Death - The People Who Listen To This Probably Have Sex With Their Parents
Antagonizer - Existence of Entitlement
Grimly Forming - Pile Of Death
Fentanyl Surprise - Contaminated Drinking Water/Nasal Regurgitation
Acid Feast - Open Wounds Filled With Feces/Haemorrahging Brain Mush
MxDxFxLx - Story Contortor/Crust Missionary
PRESCRIPTIONDEATH - Prescription: Death
Cancer Patient - Rocker Flyer Party/Mary Should Have An Abortion/Los Angeles Err Day/I Don't Have Any Spare Change/My Blood Brother Stabbed Me For An Eightball
Open Wound - To Murder A Soul/Stuck In A Lancer/Hate Man
Snuffx - Birdmen/Corporate Puppet Show
Üden - Üden
AH-!!! - AH-!!! side/split with Ordstro
Landfill - Canned Escargot/Necessary Evils
Boudicca - Boudicca's Daughters
No Class - Violence
Hired Goons - Crushed
Urochromes - Trapped On A Planet
Drunk Mums - No Staunch
Obacha/Chet Wrecker - S/T Split
Obacha/Fast Friends - S/T Split
The Tenant - Play Dead
Public Image Limited - Public Image
sir Was - In the Midst
Vagabon - Mal á L'aise
Ghost Wave - Heaven (Sonic Boom Mix)
Paprika Jones - Playpen Profile
Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes