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Fukumodo's Crate: Wednesday September 14, 2022

Moana & The Moahunters - Tahi (Kia Kotahi Ra) [Dance Mix]
Dry Cleaning - Anna Calls From The Arctic
Prince Tui Teka - Hoki Mai
Michael Logie - Mask
De La Soul - Pain
Merata Mita and Diatribe - Treaty Song
Avantdale Bowling Club - Home (Live at the VNZMAs 2019)
DJ Kappa Wam - Leaves Of Eden
Okay Kaya - Spinal Tap
Ardijah - E Ipo
Patea Maori Club - Hei Konei Ra
Julia Jacklin - Be Careful With Yourself
Dateline - Love Hertz
Stinky Jim - Cry For The Ute
TEEKS - E Kore Rawa E Wehe / Never Be Apart
P-Money feat. 4 Corners and Scribe - The Xpedition (Live at 95bFM, 2001)
Princess Chelsea - The Forest
Art Paul Schlosser - You Gotta Have A Koke
Art Paul Schlosser - The Times They Are Changing Back
Art Paul Schlosser - Have A Peanut Butter Sandwich
Pumice - A Car for a Kennel
Orange Juice - Rip It Up
Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra - Hine E Hine