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Gregor - Angels

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Fukumodo's Crate: Wednesday November 2, 2022

Amamelia - Colourbox
Kadyn Webster - Introverted Clubbing
Ripship - Moore's Law
Eden Burns - Invercargirl (DJ BORING Emotional Remix)
Young Gun Silver Fox - Simple Imagination
Vera Ellen - Homewrecker
Hard 'n Phirm - Pi
Thomas Dolby - Hyperactivate!
Boz Scaggs - JoJo
The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra - Tubular Bells
SiNNY! - Taste the Biscuit (Pop ver.)
Hans Pucket - Bankrupt
Princess Chelsea - We Kick Around
Memory Foam - Hold My Beer
Milder PS - Jesse James Symphony + Bolero (Live on Sveriges Radio)
Milder PS - Couldn't Bare To Be Special (Live on Svergies Radio)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - I Killed Captain Cook
HLAH - I'm 16 + I Listen To Ozzy
Tommy Wiseau - I Will (feat. Wayman Davis)
Tommy Wiseau - You're My Rose (feat. Kitra Williams)
Tommy Wiseau - Crazy (feat. Clint Gamboa)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Blacktop
Fleetwood Mac - Think About Me
queen - Don't Stop Me Now (rv Trombone Champ Remix)