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Fukumodo's Crate: Wednesday June 1, 2022

Sophiya - KWEEN ENERGY feat. JessB
Mokotron - Streetlights
deepState - Redux [Van Staden and Bohm Remix]
Yard Act - The Overload
Ballot Box - Hanuman
The Garden - Thy Mission feat. Mac Demarco
The Garden - Freight Yard
Bunnies On Ponies - Destination Newtown Park Flats
The Video Kid - DJz Girlfriend
The Video Kid - CCTV
Jitwam - Confidence
F.A.I.R.Y - Business Man
Luxury Elite - S.W.A.K
Noedell - Enjoy Yourself
Baecorp - Can I Tick a Feeling?
Baby Zionov - Fantasy feat. corpse-becoming-foxes
cake - Italian Leather Sofa
The Linda Lindas - Growing Up
Jazmine Mary - Love Me Tender [Elvis Presley Cover]
Jonathan Bree - You Are The Man
Radiator City - Hide From The Night
Typhoon - The Honest Truth
Joe Crow Ryan - Worryin' It (Live)
Joe Crow Ryan - My Arrest
Viagra Boys - Troglodyte
War - Why Can't We Be Friends