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Crystal Chen - Love Letter prod. Kenny Sterling

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Fukumodo's Crate: Wednesday August 10, 2022

Marlon Williams - Easy Does It
Myele Manzanza - When We Could Dance Together [Sampology Remix]
Devo - Guy Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)
Wellington Sea Shanty Social - A Sailor Needs a Boat
dreamcastmoe - Cloudy Weather, Wear Boots
IAMPRIKLE & YaBoy&Z - September (Epic Meloncholy Ver.)
Welcomer - A Steely Dan Covers Band
Violet French & The Horrible - Been Too Busy Crying
black midi - Eat Men Eat
Lotus Eaters - The First Picture of You
Hans Pucket - My Brain Is A Vacant Space
Elliott Dawson - Bald Spot
Tia Carrere - Ballroom Blitz
Toy Shaw - Covers
DJ Kappa Wam - Mzansi Sunrise
Brandn Shiraz, DUSTY & GHOS - Kreepin'
Kremer - Earthmover
Kremer - Acting Strange
Princess Chelsea - The Forest
Prefab Sprout - The Sound of Crying (Radio 2 In Concert)
Prefab Sprout - Jordan The Comeback (Radio 2 In Concert)
The The - This is the Day