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Freak the Sheep: November 28th, 2018

Coco Solid - Polar Bih feat. Hamishi; Big Fat Raro [Prod. Yumgod]
Ryan Hendriks - Sirens (feat. Cleophus)
French For Rabbits - Highest Hill
Dog Power - King
The Echo Ohs - Dog Bone
Green Grove - Sit Down
tei. - The Alone One
Hans Pucket - Fuck My Life
The Features - City Scenes
Tiny Ruins - School Of Design
MELODOWNZ - Abundance (Outro) (feat. Troy Kingi)
Milk - BENZO
Raiden Freeman - OOO
Pickle Darling - Rinse Spin Cycle / Nicolas Cage
Negative Nancies - Fun Fun Fun
Unsanitary Napkin - State Psychopathy
Earth Tongue - The Well of Pristine Order
Ounce - Electric Eye
Lawrence Arabia - (Contagious Dream Heals The World)
Bailey Wiley - Sugar
Church & AP - Ready Or Not
Christoph el Truento - Ladyj
Look Blue Go Purple - Cactus Cat