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Freak the Sheep: November 27, 2019

The Secret Speech - Crimes
Current Bias - State Smasher
Hex - The Moon
Sadi Kalen - Imagination Is Everything
The Terrorways - Short Haired Rock 'n' Roll
David Adison - Cancerous Malevolence
The Screaming Meemees - Coloured Day
Dick Move - Live In The 95bFM Lounge
yeongrak - haunted terbo rattle 3
notv - Thought Should Be Corrected
Eyes No Eyes - St Guillotine
Arthur Ahbez - Free as the Wind
Cave Circles - Beagle Tenders
Adam Hattaway & the Haunters - Take Care Of You
milk - mihiteria
Leith Sye Towers - Nothing Like It
Bunnies on Ponies - Castle Van Halen
Mulholland - She Knows
Mr Amish - EXIT
Lontalius - Live In The 95bFM Lounge