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Freak the Sheep: May 26, 2021

Kraus - Love and Dreams
Tom Ludvigson, Graeme Gash - Ullang Jnr
Split Enz - The Choral Sea
Car Crash Set - Those Days
Peach Milk - 4 Page Letter (Aaliyah Remix)
Parallel Dance Ensemble - Shopping Cart
Connan Mockasin and Devonte Hynes - Feelin Lovely
The Fuzzy Robes - Kyrie Eleison
Fabulous/Arabia - You Won't Remember This Feeling At All
Richard Erawata - Ride Like The Wind
Threat.Meet.Protocol - Jeffrey Dahmer and Greg
Growndownz - Gutless Jellyback
Caroles - Now You Know
Mole Manne - Bolivian Mustard
Paras - Heaven
Sneaky Feelings - Broken Manner
Vanessa Worm - Tiny Revolutions
Rickets Meets Fabulous - Riki
Baby Zionov - Clubbing in The Time of Cholera
Amamelia - Angel Interceptor MIX
Dave Dobbyn - Slice of Heaven (Music Mix)