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Freak The Sheep: March 9 2022

JANG - El Alamo
Undercover Statues - Living In A Dream Ain't As Pleasant As It Seems
Cootie Cuties - Johnny
Otts - Overboard The Troubled Sheip
Dick Move - Stag Dudes
Bressa Creeting Cake - Palm Singing
Goldenhorse - Run Run Run
Benny Salvador - SAMBOLSU
Cave Circles - Disco Saviour
Clear Path Ensemble - Future Fatigue [Mongo Skato Remix]
Coffin Club - Going Down
Ballot Box - From Nothing
The Admiral - Bother Me
The Warners - Poke Your Eyes Out
Skull Patrol - Dead or Alive
Kraus - Preludium
Kane Strang - Oh So You're Off I See
BEING. - High In Mind
Ebony - Big Norm
Don McGlashan - The Heater
Popstrangers - Are Pigeons Doves?
Aldous Harding - Fever
Nocturnal Projections - Isn't That Strange?
Unrestful Movements - Anti Trend
GG Mothra - Hell Na
Summer Thieves - Is It Really Over (Amamelia Remix)
The Electric Confectionaires - Piece Of My Heart