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Freak the Sheep: June 12th, 2019

Peter Arnold - Vision
Liam K. Swiggs - NESIANS R U WITH ME
cyberneticOhm - HACS
Scott Mannion - Not Exactly Deep
Las Tetas - The Plains
Courtney Hate - Nein Senpai Poison
Antipodes, Dog, GRG67 - The Thing
SKILAA - Bluffin'
Wukong the Monkey King 悟空 - Ode to Keen / 踊跃颂
Smokestack Slim - Better Left Unsaid
Smokestack Slim - The Show
Smokestack Slim - Buttercup
Motocade - State And Maine
Borrowed CS - Brainstorm feat. Mara TK
CAM+TOM - Pincer Move
The Spectre Collective - Ambrosia Enclosure
These early mornings - Again
Leviathug - Intermission (With Love)
Malcolm S - Colourfull
Drew Andrew Anne - Eat Moms Shoe [EP]
Rizvan - ROUND & ROUND feat. Diggy Dupe
Will McClean - Thinking of You
Schofield Strangelove - LEAVING
Julien Dyne - Layer
Peter Arnold with Claire Timings - Passage of Time