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Lou Reed - Make Up

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Freak the Sheep: June 12, 2023 w/ Zac Arnold and Keria Paterson (KMTP)

Beastwars - Waves
Solid Gold Hell - The Blood and the Pity
K M T P - 2:45 (Getting Old)
K M T P - Acting Out
deepState - Dreams
Karl Steven - The Message (Grecco Romank)
Southside of the Bombays - Whats the Time Mr Wolf
Caroles - Over Head
Milpool - Ambulance Driver
Darcy Clay - Jesus I Was Evil
The Dance Asthmatics - Liquid Lunch
Kip Mcgrath - Sunburn
The Mint Chicks - Post No Bills
Crush - Fantasy Fiction
Voom - Beautiful Day
arlo - thaw
Leith Sye Towers - Nothing Like It
N.T. Honey - Moon Ritual
Michael J. Hex - Then You're Gone
Motorcade - Into The Fall
The Datsuns - In Love