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Phil Harris - The Thing

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Freak the Sheep: July 3, 2019

The Black Seeds - Cool Me Down
Red Sun Raygun - Sharkskin
Naust - Dead-name
Waiting Room & Board - A Pattern Sewn
MYNN - super duper friends
MasterFader - Astrobeat
Bucket Monkey - Man's 'avina pre tuff time
arlo - silvered hills
Mini Simmons - Southern Cold
Mini Simmons - When It Rains (It Pours)
Mini Simmons - French Sunflower Fields
Subway Funk - Don't Let Me Down
Giant Cemetery Bear - Me & Erring
~bards guild~ - cheeky son of a bitch
Esoligh - Arohanui (Instrumental)
Thief 'n Zard - UrNotBig
Girlboss - Gottage
Skymning - Overground
L V J - Mona Lisa