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Freak the Sheep: July 17, 2019

recuerde - Gambit
Kool Aid - Tunnel Vision
Sumi Sauce - Pomme Sans Peau
Clever Calvin - m1
Theolonius Feargus Kelly - BORN TO DIE (COPROD. REIVAX111000)
Dirty Pixels - Julipa
Dirty Pixels - Holly Danger
Dirty Pixels - Spacesuit
The Melancholy Babes + - Jazz Diabolique
Wukong the Monkey King - Dharma Lama
Old Chips - Maritime Terrace
Modern Chair - i
Lil Tinny - Dummy Thicc
Golder Tih - Doltes
Castanazos - DON'T TALADDER ME (Miami Vice)
KLANOA - If You Listen Closely
Crone - tipping point
Dad Jokes - Dog's Best Friend
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Satanic Planet