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Freak the Sheep: January 8, 2020

Ryan Hendricks - Sold Out (Soul Doubts)
Alchemy - Don't Dream It's Over
Yumi Zouma - Right Track / Wrong Man
Bloody Hell - The Consultation
Kakapo - Yin and Yang
Big Lumpy - Aftertaste
Docket Printer - Ernie Binn
April's Fool - Hole In My Chest
Sam Wave - Same same
Tennis Champ - Zoop
Andrew McMillan - Digging in while the birds watch on
Fuckault - Pictures Of The Ocean (Sad)
Aiia - uk plants
The Crop - City Sin
Harry Hodgman - Fantasia Sofa
Dullboye - Once There Was A Place Called Erth
Underscore-Hyphen - Decades of Dust
Severd Beliefs - Eternal Grey
LIPS - Freddy Bardot
David Adison - Take Me Home
The Clean - Do Your Thing
coyote888 - Catfish
Round Buddah - Keep Me Warm
Artisan Guns - Pulled You In
Ghost Wave - I Don't Mind