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Freak the Sheep: 15 July, 2021

All kiwi tunes with Taylor MacGregor and special guest Matt Plunkett from Oamaru's The Cuticles with some deep cuts from the deep south.

BOZO - Swim Down
Hang Loose - Party at the Beach
Macho Macho - Blue Peopl
The Rothmans - Seymour (Libertarian Scumbag)
Unsanitary Napkin - Speak Up For Women, You Don't Speak For Me
Vera Ellen - YOU!
Poor You, Poor Me - Roasted Chestnuts
Finn Johansson - Love Bomb
Prince Tui Teka - For The Life Of Me
Randa - Apollo Creed
Electric Wire Hustle - Gimme That Kinda
Cuticles - Cheese in My Brain
The Biscuits - Albatross
Fake Purr - Nazi Fuckwit
The Puddle - No Love No Hate
Playthings - Sit Down
Sewage - Anyway
The Trendees - Boring Party
Dale Kerrigan - ripgirl101
The Subliminals - Speed of Sound
Scorched Earth Policy - Too Far Gone
Crude - This Town
Coconut Rough - Sierra Leone
The 3Ds - The Venus Trail
Steve McDonald - The Riddle and the Rhyme
Mongo Skato - Gut Dub
Benny Salvador - CardboardBox