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Dirtbag Radio March 26 2018

Sonic's Rendezvous Band - City Slang
The Cavemen - Lust For Evil
Nomos 751 - Skalomata (Brain Lock)
BB And The Blips - Whinge And Whine
The Vibrators - Baby Baby
Asbest - Side A
Shaft - Have You Seen Your Shadows, Baby
Rattface - Return Of The Rat
Nurse - Blood Breath
Cops - You Can't Stop The Fun
Carbonas - Jaguar Ride
GG King - Lord Of Light (Hawkwind)
Bou Sou Nezumi - Fuck Rat Fuck
Bou Sou Nezumi - Dummy
Bou Sou Nezumi - 13
Bou Sou Nezumi - I Feel Good Tonight
Bou Sou Nezumi - Roll Back
U-Choo Sanrinsya - Tug Of War
Zymonics - Break The Radio
Gutara Kyo - Gankai Toppa
Alex Chilton - Hook Or Crook
Tav Falco's Panther Burns - Cuban Rebel Girl
Jack Oblivian - Spi-Fi (Subsonic)
'68 Comeback Special - Smack Dab (In The Middle)
Roy Irwin - Infinity Mirror
Roy Irwin - Chrome Lord
Motorhead - Back At The Funny Farm
Soggy - Waiting For The War
Clone Defects - Rouge River Rebel
Top Down - Silver Ashes
Dead Moon - Psychadelic Nightmare
Monsier Jeffrey Evans And His C.C. Riders - The Long Long Ballad Of The Red Headed Girl