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Dirtbag Radio January 15 2018

Motorhead - Bomber
Motorhead - Iron Fist
Motorhead - No Class
Motorhead - Iron Horse/Born To Lose
Razor Boys - Toys
Louder Than Death - ABC's In Old Berlin
Berlin Brats - Traopically Hot
The Cavemen - I Hope They Drop The Bomb On Me
Useless Eaters - Bloody Ripper
Contant Pain - Demon Lover
Angry Samoans - 1981 Trip Or Freak
buzzcocks - Boredom
White Boy And The Average Rat Band - Neon Warriors
Thundermug - Bad Guy
Motorhead - Fast And Loose
Jim Shepard - Face On The Factory Floor
flipper - Ha Ha Ha
Pussy Galore - Sweet Little HIFI
Mudhoney - Revolution
The Source Family - Penetration
PHF - Glue
Dead C - Bad Politics
Half Japanese - Gloria
The Child Molestors - Hillside Strangler
Guided By Voices - Untitled
Motorhead - Dead Men Tell No Tales