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Dirtbag Radio February 19 2018

The Revelons - Red Hot Woman
Palace Of Wisdom - Unknown Passage
Cheetah Chrome - Still Wanna Die
The Gizmos - Human Garbage Disposal
Pussy Galore - Nothing Can Bring Me Down
vexx - Stress
The Gories - Six Cold Feet
Valley Boys - Modern World
Debris - One Way Spit
U-Choo Sanrinsya - Yama
Dead Moon - Time Has Come Today
Sick Thoughts - Blood Red
Crime - Piss On Your Dog
C.C.T.V - Anxiety
Surfbort - Hippie Vomit Inhaler
Chants R & B - Neighbour Neighbour
Hunches - You'll Never Get Away With My Heart
The Dogs - Slash Your Face
Thee Mighty Caesars - Strange Worlds
LiveFastDie - Buzz Buzz Buzard
The Numerators - Chencho
Bantam Rooster - Real Live Wire
Knife Fight - Ugly
Gino & The Goons - Ball Me Out
Brett Smiley - Va Va Va Voom