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Dirtbag Radio 14 May 2018

The Pretty Things - Sont Let Me Down
The Dark Ages - Tomorrows Gonna Be Another Day
The Dark Ages - Cadillac
The Bluestars - I Can Take It
The Bluestars - Social End Product
Sandy Edmonds - Come See Me
Sandy Edmonds - Now That You've Made Up Your Mind
THe Smoke - Never Trust Another Woman
THe Smoke - No More Now
La De Das - Little Girl
La De Das - Don't You Stand In My Way
The Pleaserz - Security
Pleaserz - Hurtin All Over
Tom Thumb - You're Gonna Miss Me Baby
Tom Thumb - Got Love
The Bitter End - Single Man
The Selected Few - Get The Picture
Chants R&B - I Want Her
Chants R&B - I'm Your Witch Doctor
Chants R&B - Neighbour Neighbour
The Soul Agents - For My Woman
Hubb Kapp & The Wheels - I'm Happy Too
Larry's Rebels - Whatcha Gonna Do About It?
The Gremlins - Blast Off 1970
The Rayders - Working Man
Tommorow's Love - Seven And Seven Is