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deepState - Euphoria

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Dirtbag Radio 11 June 2018

Bonecruncher - Wage Slave
Scabies - Sonic Reducer
Pylon - Dumpster Dive
Pramcakes - Non Believer
Bonecruncher - Top Rope Annihilation
Stepford 5 - Little Sisters Of Satan
Divinyls - All The Boys In Town
Cable Ties - Tell Them Where To Go
Mr Airplane Man - Commit A Crime
PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me
Sleater Kinney - Dig Me Out
The Blue Blood - Slut On Junk
Thee Headcoatees - Spineless Little Shit
spiderbait - Calypso
Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian At Best
Hand And Leg - Dogshit Country
Fantails - That's How We Do
The Runaways - Queens Of Noise
Patti Smith - So You Want To Be
Slumbug - Niu Niu - Jessica's Hate Song
Plasmatics - Tight Black Jeans
Bikini Kill - Feels Blind
Bikini Kill - New Radio
The Gits - Crab
Coven - Wicked Woman
The Kills - Mexico
Miss June - Twitch