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Citadel of Trash v7.0[ON_SITE]-system-cleared: October 7, 2020

Jade Statues - Machine Birth
exploited body - Threnody (ft. APEAK)
Roma Radz - Boyfriend in Every City
Cremation Lily - Sleep On
sp1tɘfu1 - Serpent Mother Standing In My Way Weeping
USOF x Seraphim - stitching glass
jr/.?bst - briesje
Crisis Actor - Secret Experience
Energia5 - Mam Energię
Kronic for Kids - The Hallows
Lola97 - Mem OR REe
Patricia Gurband - Romantic Fever
Trym - London Rave
Franky-B - Vultum Adduxit
Nadia Tehran - Nazi Killer (KABLAM Nackskott Remix)
Taro Division - Social club (NTBR Remix)
Tim Tama - Blood Christening
Overclocked - Abutor
Makornik - Apocalyptic Machines
BYZ - Cave
Boëthius - All My Friends Are Addicts
Lou Kessler - Hyperstition
Eira Haul - Survivor
Alexmalism - Junk
Brulée - Conflit (clair Remix)