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Caru & DylanBiscuit - Boys a Liar

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Citadel of Trash v5.784529[0]7721*-REPRISE//RETURN_54[4597]6533; November 20, 2019

Carrie Cleveland - Take A Moment
Carnivorous Plant Society - Car Dance feat. Tiny Ruins
Professor Wouassa - We Thit
Flying Lotus - More feat. Anderson .Paak
PREM & Novelist - Breeze N Style
Babyfather - Escrow 2 (Engine Mix)
Sleaford Mods - B.H.S
emi idle - Ich wohn im Wald
Medium Pace - Sooner Rather Than Later
Yung Soft - Quand la Ville Dort (Niagara Remix)
MEXO - Proteas to Mars
Mungo's Hi Fi - Rules of the Dance feat. Charlie P (T5UMUT5UMU Edit)
Leaping Tiger - Screw Face feat Church & AP, JY Lee, Disciple Pati
Contenders - The Heat
Sore Throat - Environmental Suicide
Stress Ghetto - Unregistered Firearms
Sheep - Anandamide + Beta Endorphin + Phenethylamine
Zhukov - Stupid Cycle
Plague Walker - Desagradable
Team Dresch - Your Hands My Pockets
Mary Bell - Shit On The Parkway
Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Bedhed - The Whale
Peter Ivers - I've Seen Your Face
Salad Boys - This Issue
The Infinite Seas - In Your House
Dry Cleaning - Dog Proposal
Colleen Grant - Latin Parang
Aggromance - Angeles Caicos
Lucky Boy^ - Disappointing
Location Services - Bone Smoke
Bethlehem Steel - Not Lotion
Matthew Pepitone - Angel Chorus
Steve Hauschildt - Syncope feat. GABI
Neanderthalic - Only Partially Satisfied
DJ МУДАК 2000 - Krokodil
CELOE - Pretty Boy